The Weekly Wash 28.05.2018

G’day world, like a lozenge to the throat is your soothing edition of the weekly wash, proudly brought to you by AKWA Surf keeping you informed with all the surf happenings locally and what's been happening on the pro tour.

Well aren't we spoilt boys and girls, for the god of surfing Huey has bestowed his magical watery wand towards our coast line and alakazamed us with a week full of surf which was fanned in a delightful waft of offshore breezes giving us surfers 7 days to remember. I guess when you look at the upcoming weather pattern hitting Western Australia at the moment there instantly conjures up fantasies of another huge week of swell. Except this week does look as though it's going to be a cold one so make sure you pack your steamer for your surf.   

Dolphin Point had some glimpse of perfection during the week especially when the swell was coming in straight from the south and winds from the west appeared. After waiting for the early shift crew to depart and either go to work or school Tim Bourke found the moment to attack like a ferociously brutal lion stalking a portly warthog with a limp and bad eyes. Yep when Timmy hit the waves he molested the walls of Dolphin point cruelly without any disregard to the waves feelings or beauty.

There were some waves of consequence around this week, especially down south at that notorious surfboard burial ground known as Depot bombie. With an army of special agent surfers ready to attack to the feared reef it was always going to be spectacular. The absolute stand out of the sesh was fellow goofy footer and madman Nathan Bartlett, Nath scored the wave of the day in the form of a 10ft slab so thick and heavy when then lip made contact to the water it let out a crack that shattered windows 4km away, Nathan rode the beast with the ease and swagger of Frank Sinatra smoking a ciggie, whilst washing it down with stiff scotch at 7am.


Emma Ashby