The Weekly Wash 21.05.2018

G’day world, like surf injected deep into your veins is your weekly wash, proudly brought to you by AKWA Surf keeping you informed with all the surf happenings locally and what's been happening on the pro tour.

Gee we had a corker of a week for waves, days clearer than the translucent mind of the Dali Lama after drinking herbal tea whilst downward dogging. Long period swells kept all the reefs alive with swell and despite the mass of people whom populated our very fashionable line up the waves seemed to be on tap for everyone to enjoy, another substantial swell should be knocking on our door right about now to keep this week just as exciting as last.  

When the ocean shapes up corduroy lines and aims them with precision accuracy at our coastline you know we are in for a great time. Even better when you find the crew napping or simply just joining the crew like sheep at the more busy locations, this was the instance for the jovial Phil King when he found Dolphin Point spewing waves down the reef with more consistency than a 18yr old who just discovered tequila. Phil rode the waves pretty much on his lonesome where he put his extended frame through power gouge after power gouge, he was causing some much new energy in the water Integral tried harnessing his cutbacks to help illuminate the street lights for the weeks.

Time to grab ya coffee, juice, beer or brewed chai and have a decent slurp, because its feel good time... so as some of you may be aware there is a pro junior event being held at Culburra this weekend, a comp where the best surfers around the country compete against each other, now here is the nice heart melting part, our very own junior wave slayer Charli Tout has been offered the wild card into the event where she will test herself against the best junior surfers in the world, what an epic experience for the young lady. Good luck we are all behind you.   


Final day of the Oi Rio Pro and we saw aerial wizard Brazilian Filipe Toledo and tour rookie Wade Carmichael fight it out in Barrinha’s wedging rights. Toledo astounded everyone all event with his insane aerial antics but in the final it was a gaping barrel ride that helped him clinch the win. A tride which scored Toledo scored a 9.93 then backed it up with a 7.17 on the other, poor Carmichael was trapped in a combo situation and pretty much eroded away which was a shame as he had such a great event throwing his big arcs together powerfully throughout the contest. “This is Brazil, that’s our energy, that’s our feeling, it’s emotional and amazing coming back home,” Toledo said in his post-heat interview as riled up fans cheered their countryman’s victory. Toledo has surfed in six finals during his world tour career and hasn’t lost one yet. When asked why he’s so successful in final heats, Toledo said, “It’s the last heat, your last chance, that’s what I put in my mind. It’s the big show and it’s my time.” Congrats Filipe you blew our minds!

Emma AshbyComment